A new approach to the removal of oil stains − a biological oil stain remover that rapidly removes and digests oil stains from hard surface and porous blockwork, including floors, road surfaces, forecourts, driveways and equipment.


A new approach to the removal of oil from Tarmac and Asphalt oil contaminated surfaces.


A new approach to the problem of oil contaminated gravel and stones as found in oil storage areas, tank bunds, transformer footings and railway lines.

Bio Gel uniquely cleans oil contamination in-situ so avoiding the expense of site excavation and offsite treatment.


A new approach to reducing oil discharges in Industrial Separators.
Place 3 Bio Tubes in a separator to digest up to 6 kg of oil per week for 6 − 8 months!

The solution to meet both UK discharge consents and European oily water discharge limits.


A bioremediation absorbent with a strong affinity for oils rather than water, in the form of an easy to use non-toxic solid, which is free flowing and a non-abrasive granular material.
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