BIO SORB is an oleophilic absorbent and a bioremediation product in the form of an easy to use solid, non-toxic, free flowing non-abrasive granular material and its formulation is such that it demonstrates bioremediation abilities across a broad range of hydrocarbon based pollutants.

BIO SORB is a 100% natural product derived from a blend of plant matter. As such it does not add to the non-biodegradable waste stream nor does it harm the environment in which it is applied since it will itself decompose rapidly.

BIOSORB’S efficacy is based on four facets;

  • Firstly, BIO SORB absorption characteristics are of an extremely high standard and in tests conducted in our own testing facility BIO SORB showed equal or better performance than more expensive imported products.
  • secondly, in order to achieve a homogeneous dispersion or the microbe mass throughout the product, the natural count is supplemented by the addition of bugs (Hydrocarbon Utilising Mico-organisms). These include but are not limited to, penicillium, fusarium, mycorrhiza and many others.
  • thirdly, BIO SORB offers the aforementioned communities of micro organisms in a actively growing state with a source of nutrients such that organisms with an optimal metabolic rate (rather than dormant bodies) can be applied to contaminants.
  • finally, the physical structure of BIO SORB is such that despite tilling and blending activities that may occur in some land remediation activities the active components remain in contact with the host nutrient material. Moreover, the host material readily encapsulates and retains contaminants. The structure also acts to regulate moisture content towards the optimal level for micro-organism activity
  • Hence BIO SORB and absorbed hydrocarbons (including many contaminants found in waste streams such as PCBs, some metals, arsenic, pesticides. cyanides etc) may be bioremediated by the fungi and bacteria contained within BIO SORB. This is a cheaper, eco-friendly alternative to other treatment methods especially excavation and disposal.
  • Oleophilic and hydrophobic properties allow BIO SORB'S effective use in / on water.
  • Upon application BIO SORB suppresses vapours and odours thereby minimising associated risks of proliferation, explosion and combustion. BIO SORB does not carry electrostatic charge.
  • BIO SORB embodies your organisation’s concern for environmental and sustainable issues since:
our product is sustainably produced from cultivated, farmed plant types which are themselves integral to pre-existing industries.

Remediatlon techniques (and particularly bioremediation) are a more sustainable means of dealing with a legacy of contamination than landfilling or incineration, Soil itself is a valuable resource that should be reused. (re: UK Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution: "Sustainable use of soil° report)


BIO SORB is packed in 10 kg plastic bags containing compressed product.


Store in original containers and avoid extremes of temperature.
For guidance on handling and disposal see Material Safety Data Sheet.
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