Cleaning solutions that don't cost the Earth!

Carbon footprint, greener products, environmental impact, are buzz words that are been used more frequently.  We are becoming aware of how we need to lessen our carbon footprint, and protect our environment.

Oil Technics, our principles, based in the UK, are the formulators and blenders of a comprehensive range of highly effective cleaning solutions for a broad variety of industrial sectors.

Wherever possible, the product performances are verified by independent test laboratories or against International Standards.

Around the world, Exploration and Refining companies, and industrial users of hydrocarbon based products, continue to seek solutions that reduce and remove pollution.

The Oil Technics product range offer such solutions in a format which is cost effective, environmentally friendly and often unique.

Most of these products, are manufactured in South Africa, under a license agreement with Oil Technics.

You will find a solution for all your green cleaning requirements with our wide range of biodegradable, environmentally acceptable products! From bioremediation for oil spill contamination on gravel or ballast stones, hazardous spills on tar / asphalt roads, paving, concrete factory floors, general degreasers, electrical transformers or component cleaning... we have it all!

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